Way To The End

My heart is beating again now. Yes, my heart always beating as long as I live. But, it’s a different way.

It’s difficult to build my heart in same way, but I’m still trying.

But if I still face the same conditions, the fragile building will colapse soon.

When I try to find a way, to make my heart feel the same feelings, the pain will ruin this feeling.

Usually, you will come and act as tough there is nothing before. Again and again!

Do you think my heart like a stone that was never hurt? No!

My heart like a sand castle. When exposed to small amount of water, it will make stronger.

But now you washed over with a big wave. So? Do you think my heart is still in the same form?

I think, No!

My heart become brittle. And it’s not easy to make it strong and durable.

I need a way to end.