How To Work At Factory?


The sad news about the death of the founder of my first office was the subject of this paper. Really, I feel condolences and salute to the father for being firmly and smoothly leaving a company to the second generation. And actually the third generation was almost ready, just returned from London. Even though I was not in the company and preferred to carry out gallon lifting activities, actually I was still following their development. After all, according to the OOM ALFA book, the pharmaceutical industry environment is very narrow.

The second thing that made me a little itchy lately, besides being rarely bathed, is the comments that go into my writing about PPIC. There are those who agree, there are those who share, some actually feel down. If just read this blog, your already feel scared, what if you are chasing by Mr. Eko because there is Cefadroxil coming in as much as 600 kilograms? From the post, plus the search engine terms that underlie people straying there, I tried to find out that there were still many would people who did not understand about the structure in the factory, how their behavior was, what positions were in the factory, and so on.

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I was a little confused when I made the title of this post because it was as if it would refer to a pan factory. Even though I means factory in the manufacturing process, but this diction is too magical to use. If you want to use the word ‘industry’, it also feels less interesting. So, yes, because actually what I wanted to explain is also relevant to pan factories, cement factories, but not children’s factories. In essence, the factory here is a place that is used to process raw materials into products. Continue reading