Farewell Letter Samuel Eto’o

Agak terharu membaca surat perpisahan ini. Samuel Eto’o, salah satu dari beberapa persona kunci pembuat perubahan di Inter sudah pergi ke Anzhi, sebuah tim di Rusia yang datang ke home-nya 2 minggu sekali.

Secara bisnis ini adalah keuntungan yang sangat besar bagi Inter. Bayangkan, Eto’o bisa dikatakan diperoleh dengan gratis. Ia adalah paket pembelian Zlatan Ibrahimovic oleh Barcelona. Sudah dapat uang, dapat Eto’o pula.

Dan apa yang terjadi? Treble Winner. Eto’o menjadi bagian dari perubahan signifikan bersama Wesley Sneijder dan Diego Milito. Mereka bertiga membungkam seorang bertato, berhidung panjang, dan merupakan brondong dengan sangat sukses.

Bagian yang terpenting adalah Eto’o pergi dengan perpisahan yang baik.

“I think it is right and fair to thank the people who have given me so much in these two fantastic years that I’ve spent at Inter. First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and most cordial greetings to the president, Mr Massimo Moratti, and to his family for everything they have done and for the way they have helped me and those dearest to me. I will always feel a special bond with Mr Moratti for the respect and the affection that he has shown me in these marvellous years.

Then there are all my team-mates: I’m aware that without their encouragement and help on the pitch Inter wouldn’t have achieved so many important victories on a national and international level. A very special thank you, also, to all the Italian and foreign footballers who have enabled me to become a better player game after game.

A sincere thank you to the coaches who have been at Inter in these years and especially to Mr José Mourinho, who was so determined to have me at this club, for the opportunity he gave me by bringing me to Milan.

A fond farewell also to technical director Marco Branca, sporting director Piero Ausilio, team manager Andrea Butti and all the staff at F.C. Internazionale and at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti in Appiano Gentile: doctors and physios, helpers, chefs and waiters, kit men and gardeners, and everyone who works at Inter Channel.

I will never forget the affection of the Inter fans (Mauro is the greatest of them all) who made me feel  like one of them and who always supported and helped me. Nor will I forget all the journalists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

I also feel I should thank my Italian ‘mamma’, Ciacia Guzzetti, for her help and my fantastic manager, Claudio Vigorelli, for his commitment and professionalism.

Thanks to a man who is an Interista through and through, Marco Materazzi, for making me feel ‘Italian’. Thanks big bro.

In the hope that I haven’t forgotten anyone, thanks again to every one of you!”

Samuel Eto’o

dikutip dari sini

Semoga sokses ya Eto’o!


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