The Tunan Waterfall

Our agenda is actually a morning flight from Manado to Jakarta. We were even in the hotel lobby to wait for the driver from our office. Suddenly, we got messages that there had been a flight delay to 2 p.m.

Considering that at 12 noon, we had to check out of the hotel, we decided to depart the hotel earlier while looking for tourist destinations that were around in line. Mr. Martin, the office driver, then directed us to Tunan Waterfall. He had never actually been to this waterfall. It’s just that he’s seen the directions.

Tunan Waterfall is located in North Minahasa Regency, not too far from Sam Ratulangi International Airport. From a distance, this waterfall is very high. Search results on Google mention it is about 85-86 meters. Physically, in my opinion, this waterfall is higher than the Anai Valley. If the wind is significant, the altitude factor causes visitors from a distance to be drenched.

The pool in this waterfall is actually quite spacious, but the access is limited. In fact, it can actually be conditioned, such as the Benang Kelambu and Benang Setokel in Lombok that closes the pool’s access and then diverts it slightly to the side.

The facilities in this place are actually quite decent. It just so happened that we went to this place early in the morning so that the places to eat tended to still close. On the other hand, the access was still relatively poor. Yes, simply put, we rode Inova, and it couldn’t if we had to cross paths with other vehicles. It’s more appropriate to use a motorcycle.


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